New Generation Sloopers, ethically sourced felt slippers

Sloopers, pink, brown, blue

 New Generation Sloopers!

Our famous slippers, redesigned to be even more durable. Still hand-felted and now with a machine-sewn sole, designed to give you years of wear. The felt is thicker, more dense and long-lasting, in beautiful new colours. 

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Sloopers; Fairly traded, ethically sourced, hand-felted slippers.

These cosy slippers are hand-made in the Himalayas from a blend of local sheep wool and Australian Merino wool, making them  

incredibly soft and non-itchy.

Sloopers are double felted for extra thickness and so are extremely warm and really keep the winter chills at bay.

The suede leather sole is securely machine-sewn onto the slipper, this provides durability and grip on smooth floor surfaces.  As Sloopers are made from natural fibres, they allow your feet to breathe and will conform to the shape of your foot after a couple of days, giving you a truly comfortable and unique slipper.

Sloopers : Colourful, fun slippers ( as worn by elves, fairies, pixies and even ogres! )  Be silly in the comfort of your own home.

Sloopers, hand felted with machine-sewn leather soles

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Sloopers, Earth

Sloopers, Slate

Sloopers, Yule

Sloopers, Moss

Sloopers, Heather

Sloopers, Fuschia

Sloopers, Lagoon

Sloopers, Damask Rose

Sloopers, Berry