Jungle Shoes, measuring for your perfect size

jungle shoes measuring 1
jungle shoes measuring 2
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Here is the suggested system to find your Jungle Shoes size.

If you have had Jungle Shoes before but can't remember your size, measure the external sole of one of our shoes at the longest point.


Jungle shoes are measured in centimetres. The sizes match standard shoe sizing, with half sizes. Find your size as follows:

Stand with the back of your longest foot firmly against a wall.

Place a flat book against the tip of your longest toe. Step out carefully.

Measure the distance between the wall and the book in centimetres and add .5 cm. If you reach a whole or half number (for example 25 or 25.5)  this is your Jungle Shoes size. If you don't have a number in whole or half centimetres, ‘round up’ the figure to the nearest Jungle Shoe size.

For example, if you measure 25 cms, add .5 cm to give you your size of 25.5.

If you measure 25.3 cms, add .5 cm to get the figure 25.8 cms and 'round up' to size 26.

This system is only a guide, but we have found that it works well in most cases.

Your perfect size may feel snug at first and this is ideal as the shoes will gently soften to the shape of your feet within a day’s wear.

Jungle shoes are considered to be a broad fit. Customers with narrow or slim feet should however find their feet held snugly and securely by the adjustable strap and the cotton foot bed.